Cloud Hosting

  • Running an IT department is not a core competency, so buying services in the cloud is often more cost effective and reliable.  It lets you reallocate limited resources to growing the business. Best to focus on the heart of the business.
  • Cloud services remove the barriers of capital, people and time, allowing businesses to continually adapt their technology needs to their business without the costs, selecting a service as and when required to match needs.
  • Larger capital investments can be minimized, or eliminated altogether, in favour of smaller monthly payments. Capital can be protected, & rather used as working capital. Keeping capital & operational expenses to a minimum, is what is needed for small & medium businesses to grow.
  • Allows temporarily dial up of more capacity for the seasonal business peaks, without purchasing the hardware or software that would otherwise go unused during the leaner times of the year.
  • Being able to do business without borders is one of the major benefits of cloud services.  Access applications and data to authorized users anywhere there is Internet access, via a laptop, smartphone or tablet.              
  • Cloud services assist in doing more with less staff, outsourcing key technical specializations or technology staff as it makes sense for your business.  Rather specify the outcome required, as opposed to managing how it needs to be done.