Social Networking

Add social networks to your site and you will increase interaction between visitors on your website, Facebook and other social networks. You can increase your social presence and organically grow your site.

 Social Network Integration

For maximum flexibility, you can choose the type of social buttons and location

Open Graph Actions

Automatically post to a user's Facebook Timeline when a user engages with your site, like voting, commenting or even reading an article, leaving a review or uploading a new album.

Social Sharing

Add social sharing buttons throughout your site.

 Facebook Requests

Let your user's invite their friends with the powerful Facebook Requests feature. Create customized invitations that your users can send to any of their friends and even reward points to users for sending them.

 Simple Social Network Authentication

One-click registration and login from Facebook and 10 major social networks. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, passwords, and usernames to remember.

 Social Streams

Show the news feeds from Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn Company Pages. Streams are fully customizable and can chose posts from multiple providers merged into one feed.

 Social Posting

Easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter stream. Works with all extensions!

 Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags

Describe your pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Open Graph tags, which are used to set your thumbnail preview in user's Timelines. Twitter Cards are a similar set of metatags specific to that social network.

With Facebook's Open Graph Actions, you can post content to a user's Facebook Timeline about activity on your site.


  • Facebook Login - A Facebook login can be added anywhere to your site using any image/ text you want
  • Facebook Comments - Show the Facebook Comment box in articles
  • Facebook Comments Count - Show the Facebook Comment count for an article, great for a blog listing
  • Facebook Embedded Post - Have a favorite Facebook post? Show it anywhere
  • Facebook Embedded Videos - Embed a Facebook video anywhere
  • Facebook Follow - Let your Facebook users easily follow your personal Facebook profile account
  • Facebook Like - Add Facebook Like buttons to any page
  • Facebook Page Plugin - Show your Facebook Page's activity stream, information and a Facebook Like button
  • Facebook Requests/Invitation - Let your Facebook friends invite their friends
  • Facebook Send - Easily let your users send any page of your site to their Facebook friends
  • Facebook Share - Have your users post your content to their Facebook Timeline
  • Facebook Shared Activity - Show your users any content they've shared with your site and set the appropriate privacy settings
  • Facebook Open Graph Action - Push Facebook Open Graph Actions to your guest's Facebook Timeline